Thursday, September 13, 2007

L'shanah tovah! (Happy New Year!)

Today was the Jewish New Year. L'shanah tovah! The kids and I decided to take our spiritual journey outdoors with the animals at the Yellow River Game Ranch. We had a wonderful time. Being with the animals, especially being able to be that close with the beautiful deer, put me at peace. This was especially important because yesterday I learned that my 31 year-old cousin, Rachel, passed away. She battled cancer for over a year and was diagnosed right after she had her baby, Adina, who just celebrated her first birthday last month.

May this year bring health, happiness, and peace!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Zach's Birthday Party

In the afternoon, Zach's friends met at Laser Quest. Although the boys had a wonderful time, I think Hannah, Tim, and Scott had just as much fun. Uncle Scottie was first in line to get in to the actual laser room. Dana and I played air hockey, and I think the pregnant lady actually beat least once. It was a little loud in the place, so Big Bub, Little Bub, Auntie Dana, and I went for a walk while the boys and Hannah played. All in all it was a wonderful, exhausting day!

Hannah's Birthday Party

Yes, I'm a little behind on my posts. On Aug. 25, we had a two header birthday day; Hannah had her birthday party in the morning, and Zach had his birthday party in the afternoon. Above are pics from Hannah's party at Build-a-Bear. It was truly fun and all friends and family were in attendance, including Big Bub, Little Bub, Grandma and Papa, Auntie Dana and Uncle Scottie, Aunt Amy and Uncle John, and Kelly and Jaden.