Sunday, June 22, 2008


Tomorrow is our court date. It feels like we have been waiting forever for tomorrow to come, but in reality it has been only a little over two weeks since we were notified of the date. Although waiting to receive a referral is difficult, waiting to hear about the health of the child and waiting to see if the court approves the adoption is even more difficult. Knowing who he is, I just want to get him home.

We should receive the call from our agency tomorrow afternoon regardless of the direction the court rules. Hopefully, I won't be on a plane to Chicago when that call comes. (I have to train some of our customers this week.) If I am, I've given the agency every other possible number to reach Tim or me.

Did I mention that it's currently 7:35 in Ethiopia? Kumesa should be waking up...along with our lawyer. I am hoping for a great Monday!


angie said...

good luck today!! i hope you receive great news!

keep us posted!

Jodi said...

Lisa, I know what you mean about the wait being harder. Noone prepared me for the fact that after the referral, the wait would become miserable. Just to warn you: it doesn't get better after court. It gets worse!